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CHALICE A comprehensive LED downlight family offering high performance across a wide range of applications

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MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS ONE SOLUTION Downlighting requirements vary enormously but the Chalice family responds to all.

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A COMPACT DOWNLIGHT WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF PROTECTION GREAT QUALITY LIGHTING AND IDEAL FOR REFURBISHMENT A compact fire-rated downlight Direct replacement for CFL downlights Exchangeable bezels allow luminaire to be customised for different settings Good quality lighting with CRI > 80 and a colour consistency of MacAdam 3 IP65-rated, for a high level of protection against dust and moisture Simple, tool-free installation thanks to handy detachable connector Ideal for hotels, residential areas and restrooms Soft and diffused lighting effect Ideal for corridors, reception areas and general...

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FAMILY'ONSISTENT RANGE CHALICE PRO LOW GLARE AND EXCEPTIONAL COLOUR QUALITY Good quality lighting with CRI >80 and a colour consistency of MacAdam 3 Comfortable low glare lighting (UGR<19) Diffused or sparkling lighting effect Ideal for offices and reception areas, retail and hotel applications

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MORE INFORMATION THORNLIGHTING.COM/CHLC ONE CONSISTENT LIGHTING DESIGN APPROACH THE CHALICE DOWNLIGHT FAMILY OFFERS A SOLUTION THAT MEETS THE LIGHTING NEEDS FROM A SIMPLE DIRECT CFL REPLACEMENT TO A HIGH PERFORMANCE LUMINAIRE FOR DEMANDING APPLICATIONS. Offering an energy-efficient replacement for from 550 to as high as 10 000 lm in the high output conventional downlights, Thorn’s Chalice family of version. A surface-mount housing is available for luminaires provide great performance while keeping mounting in high-ceilinged areas or spaces with exposed ceilings. They are ideal choice for...

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Consistent design The consistent design of the Chalice family can achieve a unified look across one project, while benefiting from a variety of lumen outputs, sizes and features. Creating a homogenous appearance helps lift lighting installations to the next level. Many applications Whatever the downlighting application, the Chalice family has a s olution. Whether it’s vivid general and accent lighting for a retail store; supporting wayfinding and safety in high-ceilinged areas at a transport hub; or providing comfortable, uniform lighting for c irculation areas, Chalice can do it. A wide...

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COLOUR CONTROLS TEMPERATURE EMERGENCY REFLECTOR BEZEL OPTIC PLUG MOUNTING Recessed - 5000 lumen only (CHAL PRO HO) Surface (CHAL PRO HO) WL3 Cable with 3 pole Wieland plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) WL4 Cable with 4 pole Wieland plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) WL5 Cable with 5 pole Wieland plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) WL6 Cable with 6 pole Wieland plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) WO5 Cable with 5 pole Wago plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) SR2 2 core cable with Schuko plug (CHAL 150, CHAL 200, CHAL PRO) FL Flood (CHAL 74) WFL Wide flood (CHAL 74, CHAL Pro HO) VFL Very...

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