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Timber in architecture __Madera y arquitectura Floors __Suelos Natural wood composite floors __Suelos de composite de madera natural Using a multilayer structure, melamine resin coating Gureprex® and a high pressure production process, Floors comes as a solution that allows enjoying spaces which combine the nobility of wood with the best features for strength and durability. __Mediante una estructura multicapa, el revestimiento de resina melamínica Gureprex® y un proceso productivo a alta presión, nace Suelos, una solución que permite disfrutar de espacios que combinan la nobleza de la madera con las mejores prestaciones cuanto a resistencia y durabilidad.

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Floors __Suelos Natural wood composite floors __Suelos de composite de madera natural

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Edition and production Edición y producción Composites Gurea S.A. Coordination Coordinación Pablo Sendón Lali Delgado Texts Textos Mirari Olaizola Pablo Sendón Photography Fotografía Susana Aréchaga – Luis M. Ambrós Manuel G. Vicente (p. 84–87) Jesús Martín Ruiz Aitor Ortiz (p. 3, 78–83) Filippo Poli (p. 56–59) Art direction and design Dirección artística y diseño Ramírez i Carrillo Print Impresión Gráficas Ulzama Parklex COMPOSITES GUREA, S.A. Zalain auzoa, 13 - 31780 Bera - Navarra - Spain Tel. +34 948 625 045 - Fax. +34 948 625 015 - Aware of the...

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Combining a thorough knowledge of our business from its natural raw materials with an active commitment to the aspirations of design and construction professionals. These are the core values that drive our business and support over 40 years of experience in our sector, keeping us at the leading edge of our industry. From forest to installation, from natural materials to technical advancement, we continue to develop sustainable and innovative products aimed at a continuously evolving market. Our proprietary production techniques allow the manufacture of a wide range of products and finishes...

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Un conocimiento profundo de nuestro trabajo desde su base, la madera, y un compromiso activo con los intereses y las aspiraciones de los profesionales del diseño y la construcción. Son los dos valores esenciales que apoyan una experiencia de más de 45 años y que hoy impulsan decisivamente la actividad de Parklex. Entre el origen y el destino, entre la madera natural y la aplicación arquitectónica, se desarrolla una producción sostenible, innovadora, orientada a requisitos cambiantes. El resultado del proceso es un conjunto muy amplio de productos y acabados para revestir fachadas e...

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Parklex Floors are high-density timber composites designed to cover internal sub floors by way of controlled quality, comfort and beauty. We offer two different ranges: Hy Tek, a wide variety of natural wood finishes for extreme traffic environments, and Naturtek, an exquisite selection of hardwoods with an ‘open pore’ surface designed to enhance the natural look of timber. Both ranges offer a highly resilient floor solution processed with Gureprex® technology, which impregnates the natural wood surface with resins thereby preparing the material for continued use. Our process completely...

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Floors construction Construcción Suelos Natural timber composite floor Suelo de composite de madera natural A Gureprex® processed natural timber veneer __Chapa de madera natural procesada Gureprex® B Resin bonded WBP plywood core __Contrachapado de madera natural C HPL balancer __Revestimiento baquelizado de contracara

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Floors with heavy traffic Suelos de alto tránsito UNE EN 13329 Based on innovations in raw materials and manufacturing processes, our quality is clearly evident where there is a specific requirement for high abrasion resistance and durability in areas subject to intensive use, with the consequential high probability of extreme wear. It is in these environments that Hy Tek and Naturtek demonstrate outstanding performance characteristics. Simple maintenance (just appropriate cleaning) contributes to prolonging the life of this excellent natural timber floor. In line with our policy of...

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Classification according to the UNE EN 13329 __Clasificación según la norma UNE EN 13329 Classification according to use: Class 32 __Clasificación según uso: Clase 32 Slip resistance: Class 2 __Resistencia al deslizamiento: Clase 2 This classification (relating to the practical use of the product) is based on the UNE EN 13329 and is designed to be used by consumers as a benchmark. The test results are published by manufacturers, to allow them to transparently rate their products. The classification is as follows: __La clasificación según uso basado en UNE EN 13329 puede ser utilizada por...

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Wear resistance: AC6 __Resistencia a la abrasión: AC6 Scratching resistance: Grade 4 __Resistencia al rayado: Grado 4 This type of wear test is applied to cellulose based flooring with a wear layer of under 2 mm, designed to be bonded to a variety of core materials. The norm regulating resistance is as per UNE EN 13329. The wear test checks the resilience of a specimen or sample via contact with two cylindrical wheels covered with abrasive paper, via a revolving motion. The number of revolutions the sample withstands before wear is evident determines the final result, according to the...

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Technical characteristics Características técnicas Thickness __Espesor

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Technical characteristics Características técnicas Panel dimension __Dimensiones de los paneles

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Product Producto Surface finishing Acabado superficial Smooth __Liso The traditional Parklex finish. Reveals the simple and natural richness of the veneer, with variations in tone and grain to be expected with differing species. __Acabado tradicional de Parklex. Revela la riqueza sencilla y natural de la madera, así como las variaciones de tonalidad y veteado que pueden esperarse entre diferentes especies. Finish range Acabados Golden Ayous French Oak Roble Francés Museum Ash (1) Fresno Museo (1) Natural Ayous Natural Beech (1) Haya Natural (1) Natural Oak (1) Roble Natural (1)...

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