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Wellness Sensation

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Water, in its continuous flow, ¡n its continuous transformation, ¡s our inspiration. El agua, en su continuo fluir, en su continua transformación, es nuestra inspiración. Wellness Sensations VOL. 01 PORCELANOSA BATHROOMS

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“Water is the driving force of all nature.” “El agua es la fuerza motriz de la naturalez

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The Manifeslo Noken know how Healthy showers / Duchas saludables Wellness Noken Dossier Showerheads / Dossier rociadores Tech-friendly Trendspotting / Tendencias Bathroom Basics / Básicos para tu baño Handshower brief / Informe teleduchas Sustainability / Sostenibilidad Less is more / Menos es más

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Water, in its continuous flow, in its continuous transformation, • • • - • is our ínspiration. El agua, en su continuo fluir, en su continua transformación, es nuestra inspiración. At NOKEN we combine design and functionality to create innovative trends that satisfy the desires and hopes of our clients, being committed to the maximum quality in our products. We are experts in creating a world oriented around water, creating pieces with unique designs that transform the bathroom space into a unique experience. En NOKEN combinamos diseño y funcionalidad para crear innovadoras tendencias que...

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Our commitment to details and the careful selection of raw materials allows full client satisfaction, guaranteeing our best quality, design and innovation. Nuestro compromiso por los detalles y la cuidada selección de materias primas nos lleva a la completa satisfacción del cliente, garantizándoles nuestra mejor calidad, diseño e innovación.

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Healthy showers / Duchas saludables

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Healthy showers / Duchas saludables Taking a shower has great positive effects on health, not only as a hygiene measure, but also as a natural energizer. A cold shower in the morning helps to fight depression and anxiety. Specialists always recommend using warm water. Do you want to know more? Noken details more benefits of the shower. La ducha diaria tiene grandes efectos positivos sobre la salud, no sólo como medida de higiene, sino también como un energizante natural. De acuerdo a la Universidad de California, un baño de agua fría por la mañana ayuda a combatir la depresión y la...

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A world in which the whole body is surrounded by water and colour to suit your mood. A world in of wellness in which design and comfort get combined in order to form harmony, where a soft touch transforms the regular shower into your own personal spa. Welcome to the world of Noken Wellness Showers, a unique shower experience for all the senses. Un mundo en el que todo el cuerpo se envuelve en agua y color para adaptarse a su estado de ánimo. Un mundo de bienestar en el que el diseño y el confort se combinan para formar una unidad armoniosa, donde una suave pulsación transforma la ducha en...

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Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and wellness. Sumérjase en un mundo de relajación y bienestar. Ducha completa: el cuerpo queda envuelto por el agua. Peripheral rain: it creates a space isolated from the outside world. Lluvia periférica: crea un espacio aislado del mundo exterior. Indoor rain: the water is softly dorected to the head, neck and shoulders. Lluvia interior: el agua está suavemente dirigida a cabeza, cuello y hombros. Waterfall: water falls as in a natural cascade. Cascada: el agua cae como en una cascada natural. Central jet: a slim and powerful water jet which flows...

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A DELICATE AND NICE RAIN SHOWER. UNA DELICADA Y AGRADABLE LLUVIA DE AGUA. Wellness Showers is a shower concept that goes beyond the self-care and daily cleaning to offer a unique sensorial experience. Ambience lighting and the combination of the different outlets turn out in a positive effect on physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Transform your daily shower into a wonderful experience thanks to the three models of Lounge shower heads with chromotherapy. All functions can be easily controlled through a small remote control located inside the shower. Within the range of Lounge...

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Chromotherapy is not only a beautiful play of light and colours. There are several studies certifying the full functionality of this practice, and helps establishing emotional balance for dealing with everyday problems. From a range of cold colours, so related to relaxation and tranquility, to the vital energy given by warm colours, chromotherapy, together with the effect of the different outlets, can lead to highly significant benefits for body and mind. La cromoterapia no es sólo un bonito juego de luces y colores. Existen diversos estudios que certifican esta práctica como totalmente...

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A SOFT AND NICE RAINFALL THAT REFRESHES REVITALIZES. UNA SUAVE Y AGRADABLE LLUVIA QUE REFRESCA Y REVITALIZA. The nebulizer jet is a relaxing drop concéntrate able to give an exhilarating feeling, caressing and refreshing the skin with a wrap-around effect. El nebulizador es una mezcla relajante de agua y aire, capaz de dar una sensación estimulanto, acariciando y refrescando la piel con un efecto envolvente.

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AROMATHERAPY, a sensitive compLement to the water benefits. AROMATERAPIA, un complemento sensitivo a los beneficios del agua. Close your eyes and breathe in... Breathing, something we normally take for granted, now becomes our main focus of activity. With aromatherapy, a variety of perfumes and aromas evoke scenarios and ambient settings which bring equilibrium to our mental, physical and energy centres, resulting in a sense of serenity. Energising (Energy), Relaxing (Relax) and Flora-Notes (Floreale) are amongst the preferred blends, but the selection available is vast. The great plus...

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