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PORCELANOSA BATHROOMS Nosotros creamos la diferencia

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Vitae, the collection design by Zaha Hadid Design and Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms: a collection with incomparable designs. Vitae, la colección diseñada por Zaha Hadid Design y Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms: una colección con diseños incomparables.

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VITAE Shower column with showerhead included. VITAE Freestanding bathtub with deckmounted bath 190x90cm. VITAE Polishe edges mirror. VITAE Wall hung basin 65 cm. VITAE Single lever basin mixer. VITAE Lower Shelf. VITAE Columna de ducha con rociador incorporado. VITAE Bañera exenta con grifería190x90 cm. VITAE Espejo canto pulido. VITAE Lavabo suspendido 65 cm. VITAE Monomando lavabo. VITAE Estante bajo.

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VITAE Wall hung pan. VITAE Double flush button. VITAE Wall hung bidet. VITAE Single lever bidet mixer. VITAE Inodoro suspendido. VITAE Pulsador cisterna. VITAE Bidé suspendido. VITAE Monomando bidé. noken porcelanosa bathrooms

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The new Vitae mirror fits into any space. There are two versions available, one more minimalist thanks to its polished edges, and another one with white lacquered wood that mix design and usefulness. The new 65 cm basin keeps the same design as the rest of Vitae collection. Its compact and symetric figure gives a high esthetic value to the bathroom maintening Vitae essence. The basin evokes the water passing. Its conception allows to keep hidden the trap and get a much cleaner design. The ceramic plug provides continuity with the rest of white elements with which a fluid composition...

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Copper gloss Cobre brillo Titanium gloss Titanio brillo

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Titanium matt Titanio mate noken porcelanosa bathrooms

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TONO Built in bathtub. TONO Titanium bath set. TONO Titanium shower head. TONO Titanium Thermostatic. TONO Balda titanio brillo. TILE Led light mirror 120x50 cm. TONO Wall hung double bassin 120 cm. TONO Titanium basin mixer. TONO Bañera encastre. TONO Batería bañera titanio brillo. TONO Rociador titanio brillo. TONO Termostática encastre titanio brillo. TONO Balda titanio brillo. TILE Espejo con luz Led 120x50 cm. TONO Lavabo suspendido 120 cm. TONO Monomando lavabo titanio brillo.

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Tono collection design by Porcelanosa and the prestigious british practice Foster + Partners, expands its product range by adding a built in bathtub and a double wash basin with overflow and ceramic plug. La colección Tono diseñada por Porcelanosa y el prestigioso estudio arquitectónico britanico Foster + Partners, amplía su gama de productos incorporando una bañera de encastre y un lavabo a doble seno con rebosadero y tapón cerámico. The basin is made with Noken Ceramic®, and brings confort, quality and design. Is aligned with Foster+Partners guidelines. The new formats complete the series...

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Titanium finish for Tono series broadens the range of colours available. This dark greyish finish adds sobriety and elegance to the bathroom. El acabado Titanio de la serie Tono, amplia la gama de colores disponibles, aportando sobriedad y elegancia al baño.

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The new built in bath tub keeps the essence of the collection. It stands out for its elegant and comfortable shelf. Made in our high quality acrylic it will become an essential element in the bathroom. It will also be available in several sizes, adapting itself to all types of spaces. La nueva bañera de encastre Tono conserva la esencia del resto de piezas cuidando cada uno de los detalles en su diseño. Destaca por su elegante y cómoda repisa. Fabricada con nuestro acrílico de alta calidad se convertirá en un elemento esencial dentro del baño; además, estará disponible en varias medidas...

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Contemporary norclic slyle Estilo nórdico conlcmporánco noken poucelaNOSa üaihhooms

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ARQUITECT Wall hung basin 90x45 cm.    ARQUITECT Lavabo suspendido 90x42 cm. TONO Single lever basin mixer.    ROUND Grifería apoyo de lavabo. TONO Mirror with drawer.    NATURE Espejo con cajón. TONO Vanity 90 cm.    NATURE Mueble 90 cm. TONO Bathtub freestanding 160x72 cm.    ARQUITECT Bañera exenta 160x72 cm. ROUND Floor mounted single lever bath shower mixer. ROUND Grifería de bañera a pavimento.

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70 cm Wall hung basin Lavabo suspendido 70 cm 90 cm Wall hung basin Lavabo suspendido 90 cm 50x80 cm Mirror with drawer

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The natural oak is the essence of the nordic inspiration of the nature mirror and cabinet. The entire unit is made of natural oak veneer, whose design is continuous around the entire perimeter. The elegance of this unit lies in simple Nordic style and geometric purity. The attractive linear design with rounded edges features a cabinet concealed in the side of the mirror, thereby increasing the capacity of the unit and enhancing the visually clean lines offered by Nature. De la pureza del roble natural nace el conjunto Nature de espejo y mueble de carácter nórdico. Todo el conjunto está...

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LOUNGE simone micheli & noken Contemporary style Estilo contemporáneo

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LOUNGE Mirror whit Led 120x60 cm. LOUNGE Single lever basin mixer. LOUNGE Countertop basin. LOUNGE Espejo con Led 120x60 cm. LOUNGE Grifería apoyo de lavabo. LOUNGE Lavabo de apoyo.

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The new Lounge suspended module has new finishes Tortola and Night Blue, bringing to the collection more decoration options. Its great storage capacity brings confort to the user, and its versatiliy makes it adaptable to a wide variety of spaces. This work in R&D has allowed to achieve a pleasant texture and soft to the touch, adding a new feature in the market, since the surface stripes can be repaired by applying heat on the damaged area. El nuevo módulo suspendido Lounge se presenta con dos nuevo acabados: Tórtola y Azul Noche, otorgando a la colección más opciones de decoración. Su gran...

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