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Cersaie 2017 - 64 Páginas

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Cersaie 2017

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• ARQUITECT Ultraslim Basins / Lavabos Ultraslim 6 •NATURE Bathroom Furniture / Mueble de baño .    10 • ARQUITECT Bathroom Furniture / Mueble de baño    16 • ARQUITECT Baths / Bañeras _    24 • FRAME Bathroom Furniture / Mueble de baño .    28 • PURE LINE GLASS Shower Pack / Pack de ducha 36 • WELLNESS EXPERIENCE Shower head / Rociador    40 • BLACK BRASSWARE / Grifería de baño 46 • PROJECT Shower Trays / Platos de ducha    50 • ROUND Brassware / Grifería de baño _ 54 One more year Cersaie is back, and with her comes the Noken News brochure. Design, quality and attention to detail gather...

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OUR SOUL Our commitment to details and the careful selection of raw materials allows full client satisfaction, guaranteeing our best quality, design and innovation. Nuestro compromiso por los detalles y la cuidada selección de materias primas nos lleva a la completa satisfacción del cliente, garantizándoles nuestra mejor calidad, diseño e innovación.

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HIGH QUALITY CERAMIC The material is made at 1250°C, and it allows the perfect compaction of the materials, resulting in the final ceramics with a greater impact resistance. It is scratchproof and hypoallergenic CERÁMICA DE ALTA CALIDAD La cocción del material a i2g0°C, permite una perfecta compactación del material y le otorga una mayor resistencia a los impactos, al rayado y es además hipoalergénico. @o©o@oo® PORCELANOSA BATHROOMS

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The white colour, traditionally used in ceramic washbasins, gives way to the incorporation of a wide range of natural colours for these pieces, resulting in an excellent combination in the bathroom area, increasing the options in interiorism. In this way, we get exclusive products with excellent levels of quality. El color blanco utilizado tradicionalmente en los lavabos cerámicos da paso a la incorporación de una amplia gama de colores naturales para estas piezas, dando como resultado una excelente combinación en el ambiente del baño, haciendo crecer las opciones en la decoración de...

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The floor standing basin of Arquitect series is born as a singular piece that allows to integrate the bathroom in any part of the house, granting an enormous visual power. Noken Ceramic® reappears in this element offering a great quality to the product. This sink incorporates the ceramic plug, which gives continuity to the surface and creates a fluid composition. The installation to the floor allows the components to be hidden and, therefore, this element fuses perfectly with the environment. El lavabo a suelo de la serle Arquitect nace como una pieza singular que permite integrar el baño...

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Contemporary Nordic Style Estilo Nórdico Contemporáneo

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• 90x42 Arquitect Soft Wall hung basin • Lavabo Arquitect en acabado Soft • 160x72 Arquitect Soft bath tub. • Bañera Arquitect en acabado Soft 160x72. PORCELANOSA BATHROOMS

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The fusión of natural oak with the strength of X-Light Premium ceramics results in the Nordic-inspired Nature mirror and cabinet. The entire unit is made of natural oak veneer, whose design is continuous around the entire perimeter, combined with a Calacatta marble ceramic finishing. The elegance of this unit lies in simple Nordic style and geometric purity. The attractive linear design with rounded edges features a cabinet concealed in the side of the mirror, thereby increasing the capacity of the unit and enhancing the visually clean lines offered by Nature. La fusión de la pureza del...

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In addition to a large volume drawer, Nature series adds more storage capacity with the countertop made with Urbatek X-Light Premium ultralight high quality ceramics. The interior of the drawer is finished in beige leather with natural oak veneer separators. As in the mirror, the entire lower module is covered with natural oak veneer. Además de un cajón de gran capacidad, Nature obtiene mayor almacenaje con la superficie de apoyo realizada con X-Light Premium, cerámica ultrafina de alta calidad de Urbatek. El interior del cajón está acabado en cuero color beige con separadores de chapa de...

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· 70x42 Arquitect Gloss Wall hung basin. · Lavabo Arquitect en acabado Gloss 70x42.

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Arquitect continúes to grow with this suspended furniture, which is available in two sizes -80 and 120 centimeters- and in two finishes -black and gray- to add a touch of elegance and lightness to the room. The surface is treated by nanotechnology, giving the furniture many innovative and revolutionary attributes. This work in R&D has allowed Noken to achieve a pleasant texture and soft to the touch, adding a new feature in the market, since the surface stripes can be repaired by applying heat on the damaged area. Thanks to the virtues of this exclusive piece combined with an...

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· 70x42 Arquitect Gloss Wall hung basin. · Lavabo Arquitect en acabado Gloss 70x42.

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· 172x78 Arquitect Gloss bath tub. · Bañera Arquitect en acabado Gloss 172x78.

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The interior of the drawer is divided in different compartments to store all the necessary accessories in the bathroom. The bottom of the drawe is covered with a laminate textured , creating a similar touch to the skin, that gives a high quality look to the whole set. El interior del cajón está separado por diferentes compartimentos para almacenar todos los accesorios necesarios en el baño. El fondo del cajón está forrado por un laminado texturado, creando un simil a la piel, que ofrece un aspecto de calidad al conjunto.

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