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Catálogo General 2016

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Crafted industry for contemporary fumiture Solutions.

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INDEX CRAFTED PRODUCT COLLECTION page 19 WORLDWIDE PRESENCE page 230 Art Direction & graphic design: Clase Bcn / Photography: Salva López / Photography assistants: Yosigo, Mikel Bastida, Alex Iturralde / Styling: Andrew Trotter, Clàudia Garcia-Mauriño / Styling assistant: Marta Armengol / Copywriting: Rory Lambert / Printing: Ganboa, Andoain (Gipuzkoa) / Edition: May 2016

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Enea, founded in 1984, is a Spanish manufacturer of contemporary furniture based in the Basque country. We specialise in workspaces, living spaces and public areas. With a personal approach to industrial processes, our engineering skills and a collaborative relationship with designers, we create aesthetic, resilient and user-centric solutions. As a cooperative, we are closely linked to the community and our surroundings. This inspires us to design sustainably, and drives a collective pride in our work. Enea, fundada en 1984, es una empresa española de fabricación de muebles de diseño...

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This reliability of our furniture is largely due to our expertise with tubular steel. Ours is unique and specific to Enea; from its application, its superior grade, to its sections and system of jointing. La fiabilidad de nuestros muebles se debe en gran medida a nuestra experiencia trabajando con acero tubular. Trabajamos con material exclusivo y específico para Enea, desde su aplicación a su calidad superior, sus secciones y su sistema de unión. Colour is not an afterthought Finish quality is engineered into the process. We have invested heavily in developing unique paint and...

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The word design in Enea is a short-cut to define a complex universe that constantly feeds and enriches our manufacturing processes. We believe that well designed products are the result of long-lasting relationships with designers. En Enea la palabra diseño define un complejo universo que alimenta y enriquece constantemente nuestros procesos de fabricación. Creemos que los productos bien diseñados son resultado de una sólida relación con los diseñadores. An ongoing dialogue All of our products have arisen out of our close association with designers, such as the design group Lievore Altherr...

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PRODUCT CATALOG The same pride we feel for our work we also feel for our surroundings; its landscapes, its people and traditions. What we make is intrinsically linked to what is around us. Lottus Enea

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Enea is made up of 18 product families, covering a wide range of chair, stool and table solutions. Each family and individual product comes with different accessories so that they can all adapt to specific customer needs, depending on the required usage. PRODUCT COLLECTION Designed by Lievore Alther Molina, Josep Lluscá and Gabriel Teixidó

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What makes a company contemporary? Design and aesthetics are essential. But, above all, what really counts is the ability to constantly develop and create new solutions, while evolving existing ones. To continuously build on our portfolio and demonstrate that what we do today is a result of what we’ve learnt from the past. Lottus Wood Lottus High Lottus Lounge Lottus Conference Lottus Tables ¿Qué convierte una empresa en contemporánea? El diseño y la estética son esenciales. Pero lo más importante es la capacidad de desarrollar constantemente nuevas soluciones y de mejorar las ya...

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Chair, Stool, Spin, Office Chair, Kids

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Lottus features an elegant design inspired by forms found in nature. It is an extended family that branches out into multiple options, functioning in professional, public and domestic environments. Lottus presenta un diseño elegante inspirado en formas de la naturaleza. Es una amplia familia que se ramifica para ofrecer múltiples opciones capaces de funcionar en entornos profesionales, públicos o domésticos. EVOLVING ORGANICALLY Designed by Lievore Alther Molina

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Its relaxed and fresh design approach, still being developed into new proposals today, offers a high level of liveability. Un concepto de diseño cómodo, relajado y fresco, que sigue evolucionando con nuevas propuestas. Lottus Lottus chair (ref. 4801) with Pebble Grey polypropylene shell and struc-ture lacquered in Jet Black. 26 Lottus chair (ref. 4801) in monochrome Pebble Grey accompanied by the Lottus table (ref. 4941) with structure and special HPL top in Pebble Grey.

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Lottus chair (ref. 4818) fully uphol-stered in Napoli leather 0500 with Jet Black lacquered structure, used with a Lottus Wood table in natural birch and top in White HPL. Lottus chair (ref. 4818) in monochrome yellow with the Punto table, (ref. 3021) in Jet Black structure and HPL top.

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Lottus 4-legged stool (ref. 4750), shell in Jet Black polypropylene, upholstered pad in Fame 66071. Lacquered in Jet Black.

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Lottus stool (ref. 4700) with a polypropylene structure and shell in May Green and pad upholstered in Step 68120, with a Lottus table (ref. 4912) lacquered in Jet Black and Black HPL top. On the right: Lottus stool (ref. 4752) in Blue monochrome.

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Lottus deliberately occupies a new space in contem-porary furniture, breaking down the barriers between workspaces and living spaces. Lottus ocupa un nuevo espacio en el mobiliario contemporáneo, rompiendo las barreras entre el espacio laboral y el doméstico. On the previous page, Lottus office chair (ref. 5300) with arms and base lacquered in Jet Black and fully upholstered seat in Step 68160/68161. Lottus office chair (ref. 5309) with the base lacquered in Jet Black, polypropylene shell in Signal Grey and pad upholstered in Step 60092.

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Lottus chair (ref. 4801) in Blue monochrome.

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On the left Lottus Spin chair family with Jet Black and Yellow lacquered structures, upholstered in Hallingdale 190 and 457, and featuring a Lottus Wood table, in natural birch structure and top in White HPL. Lottus chair (ref. 4800) lacquered in Jet Black with Jet Black shell and pad in Signal Grey.

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