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Fit-Pan multifunction

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A powerhouse in the kitchen Seven cooking modality in one equipment pasta cooker slow cooking steam cooking The most used method of cooking in the kitchen, the multifunctional FIT PAN makes it even more practical and fast. The smooth mild steel, non-stick cooking surface, with high heat resistant coated elements, allows cooking at high temperatures. With the optional core probe you will get the maximum accuracy while cooking. Used mainly for preparation of red meat and game, braising is a combination-cooking technique utilising both wet and dry heat. By programming the core probe and the...

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+ room A traditional kitchen in just 400 mm width of space. A compact multifunctional appliance, the Olis FIT PAN is a genuine cooking center that will change the way you cook and will come to your aid when other equipment in the kitchen is in use. + control A touch-screeen control panel allows you to set cooking parameters with ease and store a variety of customised recipes, in addition to the pre programmed recipes. Your dishes will always turn out perfect thanks to the temperature control with the core probe and sound alert at the end of the cooking process. + organisation FIT PAN works...

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Functional characteristics Worktop and control panel made of AISI 304. "Thermo-block" heating elements: armoured heating elements included made from a fusion of highly heat-resistant aluminium. Water drain with overflow. Waterlight plug to empty the food onto a removable container. 7 different functions available: griddle plate/ bratt pan/ pasta cooker/slow cooker/steamer/ boiler/bain-marie. Self-balancing lid without perimeter seal. Two USB ports positioned below the control panel (compartment zone) for storing recipes and updating software. Core temperature probe for precise monitoring...

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One equipment for a complete menu Bottom Grid Slow Cooker Stand Gn 1/3 Pasta Cooker Basket

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Olis Ali S.p.A. Via Del Boscon, 424 - 32100 Belluno - Italy T: +39 0437 8558 F: +39 0437 838 274 W:    M: 02/2018    The manufacturer reserves the right to make any changes without previous notice. Images are indicative only.

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